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Best Ways to Earn Passive Income in bitcoin or Residual income incrypto

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Road To Earn

Passive Income In Bitcoin 

This is the massive question asked by many investors . In this Bitcoin era , everyone wants to earn Passive Income as this is the easiest way to earn bitcoin by investing some money and earn passive income every month .But the biggest question arise ' How to Start and Where to start to earn passive income?' with legit way . 

We will try to give you best answers of above questions , so you can start your multiple streams income which will help you to enjoy your money freedom life .

We all know the truth that we cant became a skilled traders to earn cryptocurrency by trading on exchanges 'Its not a cup a tea for us' . Because trading requires deep anlysis of chart patterns , technical analysis and fundamental segments to trade cryptocurrency . Moreover , Minning cryptocurrency i nowadays are not profitable as they are not able to give returns as earlier they are providing due to minning difficulty . So the best way to earn residual income from crypto is by buying good good digital assets and HodL them for long period of time .And also you can earn passive income from that HodL Digital Assets .

Staking Cryptocurrency 

Staking cryptocurrency initially work as holding Proof-Of-Stake tokens or coins in specially designated wallet . If you decide to stake coins you can earn massive rewards by staking cryptocurrency in that particular platform ,

Eventica :        30% Monthly Interest

 Tezos (XTZ):       6% Yearly Interest       

DASH (DASH):     6.5% Yearly Interest

Tron (TRX):        4% Yearly Interest

NEO (NEO):       2% Yearly Interest

Cosmos (ATOM):  8% Yearly Interest

VeChain (VET):    1.5% Yearly Interest

These are the companies those are providing Interest on Staking their coins on their wallet or staking platforms. Best part is the you don't need to have any locking period, you earn interest on daily basis and withdraw your interest and initial investment any time with your profit . This is the best method to earn passive income and furthermore you dont need to invest huge amount.You can start itt with any amount depending on you .

Eventica coin staking platform is providing 30% monthly interest on your staking amount . Which was best interest in this crypto industry . Many investors are regularly earning huge amount of staking interest according to their investments .

Loaning your Cryptocurrency

Another best option to earn passive income from crypto is by lending your digital coins . There are many company proving lending service , including to peer to peer lending provider by COINLOAN . You can lend any amount pf crypto assests and earn maximum interest upto 12% .

There are also some benefits which make lending platforms are better choices to earn passive income online without doing much work on that . You can lend your Crypto for any time period . If you want to lend for 1 months or 1 year you have all the choices in your pocket its all your choices but interest may vary according to your time duration .

Airdrops And Bounties Programs

Moving forward Airdrops and Bounties Programs are also another way to earn residual income . Airdrops are the new way invented by crypto coins management to launch their coins in market by distributing free limited number of coins to users for increasing the brand value . With this method you have to join number of new cryptocurrency companies to earn passive income . Its very time consuming and you have to regular to join these airdrops .

Bounties Programs are yet another way to earn residual income . This is like referral Programs the more you join new user with these companies the more you will earn their coins . This is also totally free method to earn cryptocurrency and After receiving your bounties coins you can sell them anytime and withdraw your profits.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020