Bitcoin$ 8,262.57
Ethereum$ 5,462.37
XRP$ 5,562.37
Litecoin$ 4,362.37
Bitcoin Cash$ 7,362.37
EOS$ 8,262.57
Binance Coin$ 5,462.37
Bitcoin SV$ 5,562.37
Stellar$ 4,362.37
TRON$ 7,362.37

18millions bitcoin is mined. only 3 million left. world population is 7 billion. where are you? how many bitcoins you have

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this week bitcoin mining reaches on a new level as it mined 18 million bitcoins this week from a total supply of 21 million. its is around 85% of the total supply.there is only three million bitcoins is left to mine .and in July 2020 there is bitcoin halving also coming this will cut the bitcoin mining reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25  btc.  in next coming six years more two million will mine and rest one million will mine in next 100 years. this is showing that there will be more demand for bitcoins in the future. world population is over 7 billion and the total supply of bitcoin is 21 million. where are you people buy more and more bitcoins


OCTOBER 19, 2019