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Litecoin$ 4,362.37
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Bakkt is live for future bitcoin trading

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one more big step cryptocurrency industry has taken today as Bakkt bitcoin's future trading becomes alive today in the USA.


finally after a long delay and so many issued Bakkt started bitcoin trading at 8.02 ET at the price of 10,115$. this future trade will be settled by physical bitcoins with two types of contracts .one contact has a 30-day bound limit and other contracts have 24 hours bound limit. it means if the buyer wants to get bitcoins even after 24 hours they can buy 24 hours bitcoins future trade contract.


Bakkt is a bitcoin future trading exchange that is backed by the intercontinental exchange which is the parent company of new york stock exchange. Bakkt has a tie-up with lots of big companies like Starbucks. microsoft etc. they have a partnership with lots of big investment groups too like Boston consulting group, fortress investment group, eagle seven, etc.


Bakkt has plans for the future that people should use cryptocurrency in their daily life. they soon will start ETF   (exchange-traded funds), mutual funds, pension funds with bitcoins. so I think it's a big milestone and a big positive step in the progress of cryptocurrency regulation.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019