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Banks are a scam. Punjab and Maharashtra co-operative banks in India not allowing withdraw to bank customer over 1000 Rs per month to next 6 months

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general people believe that bank is safest in the world to invest and to hold money. another bank scams hitting the common men in India . Punjab and Maharastra co-operative banks stop all withdraw immediately all over India due to the order imposed by Reserve Bank Of India. all the bank account holders only can withdraw monthly 1000 rs up to 6 months. bank has more than 50000 customers and 137 branches in all over India. there are lots of Financial irregularity happed in the bank in the past time. they provided loans to lots of people without checking their documents. later it becomes NPA for the bank. Now supreme bank Reserve Bank Of India take an action on banks and all employees to check who is responsible for this fraud.


due to this reason reserve bank passed an order yesterday that all the activity in the bank should stop immediately and stop all the financial transaction of the bank


when people get information about this order they start gathering on a nearby branch and started crying and shouting on policy officials. people now worried about their life saving and bank deposits money in the bank. its festival season coming next month in India and lots of people paying their home loans, vehicle loans, rent etc with this deposits money. it becomes a panic situation for people, if a bank becomes bankcurrupt they will lose their all savings. RBI now doing an inquiry about this fraud and let see what will happen further. we will inform you of this news later as we get any new updates.


banks are a scam. blockchain is the real solution to banking. that why we are saying bitcoin is real money and blockchain is real banking, people are the owner of their own money in blockchain.they can withdraw anytime that money and no one can stop it. this is a lesson that for the people who are thinking crypto currency is scam and banks are safest in world

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019