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Binance CEO taking action on the block crypto news portal on false raid news

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Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, got out The Block on Twitter for not saying 'sorry' to the network for its "wrong news concerning the "non-existent" police attack, which harmed Binance's notoriety and the BTC cost. He likewise expressed that "We will be suing them." 

As indicated by a report, the piece that had insulted Zhao was a piece of a few reports concerning another crypto clampdown by China. Furthermore, that The Block at that point gave a report titled, Binance's Shanghai office shut down after visit by china police. after that report came bitcoin price goes deep from 8400$ to 7800$.the block is saying we have confirmed the news that binance having not even one office they have two offices in shanghai and both offices are visited by police authorities. but Binance CEO saying that this is false news and we don't have an office in shanghai. we don't have any real information on this subject but one thing is clear due to this news bitcoin price get deep harm

source:binance raid news link

NOVEMBER 23, 2019