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Binance asked to DigiByte to pay 300000$ with 3% of total supply for listing their coin on Binance exchange

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big fight happened on twitter on 21 September when Founder and CEO of DigiByte cryptocurrency Jared Tate did a tweet on his account that binance team in asking him over video call that he have to pay 300000$ and 3% of the total supply of DigiByte in order to list his coin on binance exchange. he tweeted yesterday in the night


"Did a video call with the ”Binance” team a few weeks ago. They wanted $300,000 and 3% of all DGB for ”insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects” to list $DGB. Told them that is not possible with a truly decentralized #blockchain like #DigiByte."


CEO of Binance exchange Mr. Changpeng Zhao replied on twitter too on this allegation


he tweets yesterday too


"lol, interesting (in a fk'ed up way). I think he specifically does NOT want DGB listed on Binance.not gonna waste any time on these types of guys. There are more interesting things to do in life. Moving on..."


now the crypto community also divided into two sides. one side people supporting DGB coin as they are one of the top crypto coins on coinmarketcap. and they are a decentralized project so their team not have so many big funds


some people taking the side of binance exchange as they are in the top 10 crypto exchange in the world.


Jared Tated not provide any proof on his conversation with binance team. but it seem like he is saying true because Binace team blocked his twitter account for reply and binance is a centralized exchange and they can ask for money as they are asking money for new coins and IEO launch too.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019