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BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes returns with calls for a boycott of legacy finance

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BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes returns with calls for a boycott of legacy finance

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has called on all legacy traders to “opt-out” of legacy trading platforms and embrace the “Crypto Capital Markets.”

BitMEX fellow benefactor and previous CEO Arthur Hayes has gotten back from oust with a post on the subsidiaries trade's true blog requiring a blacklist of heritage stages following the GameStop show.

Hayes said the episode, where exchanging on Robinhood was stopped after retail merchants constrained a short crush causing flexible investments to endure billions in misfortunes, showed that markets are stacked against retail dealers:

“The game masters just didn’t like how the game was being played, so they jacked up margin to force a course correction,” he said.

The previous BitMEX CEO asked retail dealers broker to "quit" of the inheritance monetary framework for "Crypto Capital Markets":

“Withdraw all your money from your broker. Stop trading. Stop paying the system that you believe treats you like a second-class citizen. That is opting out, and it is extremely powerful and liberating.”

The post follows a long time of quiet from Hayes — who went to ground a year ago after the U.S. Branch of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission documented charges against BitMEX heads in October for purportedly disregarding government hostile to tax evasion and know-your-client commitments and working an unregistered exchanging stage.

The post didn't give any sign regarding his present whereabouts, and didn't address any of the allegations required against BitMEX. In any case, he clearly has BitMEX's consent to post on its authority blog as he noticed that he means to post on a fortnightly premise.

Hayes' re-visitation of Crypto-Twitter interestingly since September was invited by numerous notables of the crypto area, including BitInstant organizer Charlie Shrem, Kraken's development lead Dan Held, Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu, and Blockstream fellow benefactor and CEO, Adam Back.

Notwithstanding, not every person offered Hayes a warm welcome, with Twitter-client "Ruler Ashdrake" answering to Hayes: "brother, shouldn't you resemble in prison or something?"


FEBRUARY 18, 2021