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Bitcoin is 100x time bigger then internet: TIm draper

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one of most famous and renowned venture capitalist and a big bitcoin investor and fan from America Tim draper believe that bitcoin and blockchain technology can change the whole business scenario  in future in all over world.

he believe that bitcoin impact will be so massive on human and industry it may be more powerful then internet impact on human history.

Tim Draper is very successful  early investor and venture capitalist in Texla, Skype ,Coinbase, Baidu, Twitter etc.

he told that bitcoin is future of finance and remittance. bitcoin show us we can do money transfer to anywhere in the world without the help of banks.we can keep the data of all transaction in open ledger.we can keep our real wealth without government interference.

when internet was came in world that time world was so amazed. we saw so many companies, media of communications, video games many industry came around the internet

same things now happening with blockchain and bitcoin. this technology is fast, secure, open source. it is impossible to hack blockchain  at this point . i to  so many new technology and companies working on blockchain technology

he believe that internet change all human history and invention same that way bitcoin and blockchain will do in finance and so many aspect of human life . Tim Driper believe bitcoin is biggest invention of 21 century and having 100X more impact on human life in future

AUGUST 30, 2019