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Bitcoin popularity is growing as Bitcoin ATMs in numbers grow 500% in last three years in all over world

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despite bitcoin prices not moved over the previous year high still, bitcoin becomes more and more popular between people all over the world. Bitcoin ATMs become more and more popular in many countries. as per data by coinatmradar a Bitcoin ATM machine marketing website at this moment 5594 bitcoins ATMs are installed in moreover than 74 countries.


despite the legal issue still, USA having the maximum numbers of Bitcoin ATM over 3600 Bitcoin ATMs in different-different locations all over America, the second spot goes to Canada a USA neighbour with over 700 Bitcoin ATMs in all over Canada on different locations. number third in the UK than the rest of other countries.


this website showing another interesting fact that every day all over the world a minimum 5 new ATMs get installed in all world. in 2016 in the world only we had 1000 Bitcoin ATMs in all world. so Bitcoin ATMs growth is more than 500% in the last three years in world.


its showing that bitcoin becomes more and more popular in the world. these Bitcoin ATMs charging high charges for fiat to crypto conversion but still, they are providing crypto to fiat money conversion services immediately so people like and using more and more Bitcoin ATM services 

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019