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Binance Coin$ 5,462.37
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TRON$ 7,362.37's Youtube channel suspended due to youtube censorship over cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

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A few months back we saw youtube banned and terminated lots of major cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related channels due to the youtube policy . after getting the notice on this action all cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related  youtube channel hosts and owners raise their voice on this issue on twitter then youtube restore their channels again but its look like that youtube still going on the   same policy to ban the cryptocurrency-related channel as recent matter belongs to the owner roger ver

Youtube now suspended Roger ver and crypto and bitcoin-related youtube channel due to shattering of the youtube policy and rules.

According to a statement executive chairman Roger Ver uploaded to Reddit earlier today, the account was terminated for “basically no reason”. he told that some bitcoin support reports his channel and they reported on youtube that "bitcoin cash (BCH) is a scam "

Ver added that, regardless of whether the YouTube account will be reinstated, it “seems like the right time to start exploring other options”, namely, Dtube, and BitChute. He noted that he still needs to learn more about them, asking the audience to weigh in and suggest viable alternatives.

The founder also stressed that there are “tons” of giveaway scams on YouTube featuring fake celebrity endorsement from Elon Musk and others, suggesting that the platform has been inefficient in tackling fraud. 

It is currently unclear how many subscribers’s YouTube account had at the time it was suspended. According to a cached version of the channel from May 2019, it boasted over 25 thousand subscribers.

For a few months, youtube is very strict on the channel which is promoting cryptocurrencies and bitcoin-related news and information. youtube adds this kind of service in shattering of its term and condition. but this is not good and now people start looking for new options in decentralized and blockchain-based  platform.

Roger Ver video link where he is explaining about the current issue on his youtube channel

JUNE 14, 2020