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TRON$ 7,362.37 youtube channel is back again on youtube after the 48 hours of suspension

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Yesterday we reported you that Youtube suspended Roger ver and crypto and bitcoin-related youtube channel due to shattering of the youtube policy and rules. owner Roger Ver feels depressed an upset by this move of youtube. he expressed his view that maybe some bitcoin maximalist reported on youtube that bitcoin cash is a scam. He shows his grief by saying that Youtube is becoming a tool for social media manipulation and censorship and this ban is without any reason he also told that we should move on decentralized platform form a youtube like a centralized platform

Ver discussed certain decentralized video and streaming services like Bitchute,, and Dtube. He noted that these platforms still need to obtain a network effect and that he was still discovering the benefits of each platform

“ operates a long-standing Youtube channel delivering all-original education, news, and marketing content related to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and cryptocurrency. writer a mail to restore to youtube and they mention there about is that is an active political voice within the cryptocurrency community. Our content often features our unique perspectives and opinions on the state of the cryptocurrency market. Unfortunately, we believe that due to our political activism we have been unfairly “brigaded” by political opponents who have abused the YouTube reporting mechanism to bring down our channel. We are seeking an immediate appeal of this issue.

On June 15, 2020, Youtube has reinstated the official account and explained that our channel is “not in violation of our Terms of Service.”As such, we have unsuspended your account. This means your account is once again active and operational,” the Youtube account notification letter reads.

It’s great news that Youtube has found an error when they had banned our account, but it unfortunate that many content creators have to deal with such hassles.

Financial censorship and monetary manipulation are exactly why cryptocurrencies have thrived and in time decentralized solutions will eclipse many traditional platforms we all use today. Social media, video sharing, news reports, gaming, agriculture, healthcare, accounting, and literally every concept under the sun will be slowly transformed by Satoshi’s wonderful invention. youtube channel restore news link

JUNE 15, 2020