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Cobinhood Cryptocurrency Exchange to Stop Real time Interaction with Customers in 2021

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Cobinhood Cryptocurrency Exchange to Stop Real time Interaction

with Customers in 2021

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Cobinhood cryptocurrency exchange based on Taiwane is making significant adjustments to its customer service practices in 2021.

According to an official announcement on 1 November, Cobinhood will change its customer service policy to get rid of real-time interactions with customers.

Beginning January 1, 2021, Coinhood's customer support will communicate with customers via email only. "Throughout the process, no service experts will engage in real-time interaction and everything will be done by email," the announcement notes.

As part of an upcoming customer service change, Cobinhood will also prevent its customers from changing account passwords and original registered email addresses. Exchange's customer service will only respond to requests by sending an email to the originally registered email address.

The current status of Cobinhood's operations is unclear, since earlier this year, the exchange announced that it would close and audit all account balances from 10 January to 10 February. The exchange promised to resume operations on 10 February, but the online data exchange reveals that Cobinhood has been mostly inactive.

Major crypto market data providers such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko do not show any trading volume on Cobinhood. Also, Cobinhood's official Telegram channel and Twitter account have been silent since 2019. However, the November 1 announcement claims that the exchange "intends to provide a more effective service."

Launched in 2017, Cobinhood used to be one of the world's largest crypto trading platforms. To launch the exchange, the founders of Cochin raised $ 10 million in an initial coin offering in October 2017. At publication time, Cobinhood's token COB is trading below $ 400 million in early 2018 with a market cap of $ 238,276 at $ 0.0005.

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NOVEMBER 05, 2020