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German crypto firm Bitwala offering bank account with Debitcard to all the bitcoin holders Bitwala customer

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A german crypto banking firm BItwala is offering to buy and sell bitcoins with from bank account in Germany


Bitcwala a crypto banking firm in Germany having a partnership with a german bank Solaris bank. this bank is having a license of bank and regulated by all Germany authorities.


Bitwala is offering all in one service. bank account, bitcoin wallet, the trading account in on one platform. they have bitcoin banking services app too.  they have insurance of this account up to 100000 euros .so its very easy here to handle the bitcoins for the user. opening an account is free to all EU residents and its very simple. BItwala has no registration charge, no monthly fee, no yearly fee, no maintenance charges no withdrawal fee. even they are providing a free master debit card to its new users. only they are charging on buy and sell in bitcoin 1% charge.


you can transfer your bitcoin anytime in your bank account and can spend anywhere in the world in euros with Bitwala MasterCard. so it's a very good step for common people who don't know how to use and protect the cryptocurrency. this will create more trust and market for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the world

SEPTEMBER 27, 2019