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John McAfee deny his own famous prediction of going one bitcoin 1 million $ price

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one of the very famous and at the same time very controversial famous crypto influencer john McAfee is back to this fan with his own new privacy base coin ghost coin. ghost coin launched last week and trading on now John Mcafee's own exchange. John Mcafee is very active on twitter and loves to reply to his fans. yesterday people also talking to him on twitter and asking him randomly questions but lots of questions are coming on his very famous quote that bitcoin price will be hit 1 million till at the end of 2020 otherwise, he will eat his own dick on national television.

so people are not taking any interest in his new launch privacy base ghost coin instead in that coin people are interested to know that is that john McAfee still have bet on his famous prediction. in reply to this question on twitter john McAfee denied this prediction and call it as a nonsense .he tweeted

I'm the person who predicted Bitcoin, the most crippled crypto-tech, would reach $1 million. Are you one of the persons who did not see the absurd humor in it? I posted it on the same day I predicted Whale Fucking would replace Surfing as the number one water sport.

McAfee used the whole North America continent GDP as a comparison reference to explain why his call was just a joke, stating that: 

“If Bitcoin ever hit $1 mil, it's market cap would be greater than the GDP of the entire North American Continent.”

John Mcafee is not any more interested in bitcoins. earlier this year, he described Bitcoin as “ancient” tech and his prediction on the price going to $1 million was simply his trick to lure new users into space.

McAfee recently introduced his own privacy-focused cryptocurrency called Ghost but its copy paste coin on PIVX coin algorithm.

It It looks like now talking on John Mcafee is a waste of time. so we are finishing this article here. no more words we have for this so much self-called bitcoin influencer.

John McAfee tweet link

MAY 31, 2020