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Raido Network is a New Blockchain Network

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Raido Network is a New Blockchain Network

The Raido Foundation has launched the Raido Network blockchain network. We believe this network provides an ideal environment for fast, safe, and convenient cryptocurrency transactions (and, going forward, transaction-based smart contracts). Below we outline some of the key points about the project and tell you about how you can experience the network for yourself. We look forward to helping you towards your investment goals.



The Raido Network is intending to give the devices expected to a cutting edge blockchain network. The undertaking has been developing for a very long time, and is presently entering another and energizing period of its turn of events. Following the underlying coin offering (ICO) in 2018 and the dispatch of a crypto trade in March 2019, this year has seen the dispatch of the beginning square and the fundamental elements of the center organization.


The organization utilizes Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), which is the most mainstream agreement model (it has been utilized effectively by Ethereum beforehand), and its bookkeeping unit is RDO. Exchanges are approved by ace hubs, programming that has select rights and keeps up the agreement all through the organization by utilizing coins that project members representative to it. Then, coin holders get a segment of the organization commission.


The Raido Network plans to address the issues looked by present day blockchain structures in six key zones:


Preparing speed. The square is made after in any event one marked exchange is gotten, which means exchanges are affirmed quickly.


Investment in administration. Coin holders partake straightforwardly by deciding on changes to organize boundaries and the execution of upgrades.


Improvement openings. The organization offers a democratic instrument and openings for development, permitting it to advance and adjust.


Exchange costs. Exchange costs are fixed, considering unsurprising business-measures execution dependent on work with the organization, including escrow capacities.


Adaptability. Raido's DPoS network standards forestall asset wastage when handling exchanges, while as yet keeping up high framework throughput.


Appropriateness. The following phase of the organization's advancement is to make a stage for superior brilliant agreements that associate secure outside information and decentralized applications with escrow usefulness.


We are anticipating the dispatch of the agreement calculation this pre-winter, trailed by the escrow brilliant agreements the following spring. The primary variant of the decentralized application stage due in spring 2023.




MARCH 23, 2021