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Ron Paul Warns of Government Crackdown on Bitcoin — 'The Government Is the Threat'

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Ron Paul Warns of Government Crackdown on Bitcoin — 'The Government Is the Threat'

Former congressman Ron Paul has warned of a government crackdown on bitcoin and safe-haven assets may not be safe from government intervention. “The government is the threat,” he said, noting that “they will crack down because they have the ability to do it.”

Ron Paul Warns of Government Threat to Bitcoin


Previous official applicant Ron Paul shared his view on the public authority's intercession on bitcoin in a meeting a week ago with Kitco News' Michelle Makori. Paul is an American creator, doctor, and resigned lawmaker. The previous senator from Texas dispatched The Ron Paul Liberty Report in 2015 to bring "provocative assessment and investigation to the breaking issues influencing our lives and funds," its site portrays.


Paul was gotten some information about the "danger of expected gold seizure or one structure or other of government intercession since that worry is rising." Several notable mutual funds administrators, as Bridgewater Associates originator Ray Dalio and "The Big Short" financial backer Michael Burry, have said that "place of refuge resources are not really going to be protected from government mediation," Makori reviewed. "They expect conceivable expense changes or guidelines that will forestall a trip of cash-flow to these resources that could be seen as an option in contrast to the dollar, similar to gold, as bitcoin." She at that point asked Paul, "Could they be in danger of an administration crackdown?"

The former congressman replied:

Absolutedly … the government is the threat because they will crack down because they have the ability to do it.


He added: “We had a taste of [a free society]. If you don’t know where to start, just start with the Constitution, that might give you an idea of what a free society is all about.”

Paul was also asked: “What form of a crackdown do you think this could take when we talk about assets, like gold and even bitcoin, potentially being at risk of government intervention at higher taxes and regulation … what do you think could happen to those assets?”

The former congressman replied, “I think all of that can happen.” He elaborated that “Either the tax system will be used” or the government will just print more money, resulting in “the devaluation of the currency.”

He further opined: “But they will do it for public relations reasons. They will have to show that they’re putting a heavy tax on the very wealthy because of the civil strife that’s going on.”


On President Joe Biden's proposed foundation charge, Paul anticipates that its outcome should be "more terrible than normal." He believed: "Doubtlessly it will do what those sorts of projects consistently do, they go through a great deal of cash, they're wasteful, they generally cost more than they suspected they ought to. Additionally, it's based on some mysterious conviction that you shouldn't have any worry about the shortfall … everyone's simply in a fantasy."




APRIL 04, 2021