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Serena Williams Invests in Bitcoin Rewards Startup Lolli

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Serena Williams Invests in Bitcoin Rewards Startup Lolli

Blockchain startup Lolli has reportedly raised the sum of $5 million from a suite of investors led by Serena Williams, her husband (Alexis Ohanian), and other YouTubers. 


As reported on Wednesday, Lolli's pre-Series A round highlights Serena Williams' Serena Ventures, her better half Alexis Ohanian's Seven Six, and Night Media, the administration organization that addresses YouTuber MrBeast. Different financial backers from the influencer positions incorporate Casey Neistat, Phil DeFranco, Cody Ko, Noel Miller, Ian Borthwick, and Gabriel Leydon.


This isn't the first run through the Bitcoin rewards organization, Lolli, has effectively raised assets from financial backers. A year ago, Lolli raised a $3 million seed round drove by PathFinder, with investment from Digital Currency Group (CoinDesk's proprietor), Michelle Phan, and Ashton Kutcher.


Major Blockchain Investment for the Tennis Star


Bitcoin is on a bull run and crypto is blasting, so firms with solid use-cases are using this chance. Lolli, which boosts customers to go to its accomplice stores with bitcoin rewards shipped off a wallet, presently gloats of more than 1,000 vendors and 250,000 clients.


The fellow benefactor of Lolli, Alex Adelman, says the organization presently offers a normal of 7% bitcoin-back remunerations at retailers like Microsoft, and Ulta. He added that Lolli clients have additionally procured more than $3 million in bitcoin prizes to date.


“We started out with the idea of educating people about bitcoin. So we just attached it to something that everybody does: shop. People think about investing when they think about bitcoin, but there’s probably less than 1% of the world that would consider themselves investors. Everybody would consider themselves a shopper. The ultimate goal is financial empowerment and financial inclusion, which are also key reasons Serena Williams and her team support Lolli,” he stated.


Serena is likewise certain about the venture, as Lolli makes Bitcoin more available past institutional speculations, to the normal crypto devotee. In her words: "I'm eager to report my interest in Lolli, an organization set for make bitcoin more open. Acquiring and possessing bitcoin is a stage towards monetary inclusivity for all individuals," she added.




MARCH 24, 2021