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Six big crypto firms joined Ethereum 0.2 Stacking as early adopters in the pilot program

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Everyone in the crypto industry waiting for the Ethereum 0.2 stacking program. it was a rumor that Ethereum 0.2 upgrades will come in July 2020 but still, it's not clear when it will start but a huge hype already created around this stacking updates. now a information is coming that six big firms in cryptocurrency companies want to join the Ethereum 0.2 stacking pilot program as an early adopter.

On June 17, Consensys tweeted that cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and, digital asset custody providers Trustology, Matrixport, and Huobi Wallet, and investment firm DARMA Capital would receive early access to an ETH 2.0 staking pilot thorough its decentralized finance Codefi platform.

there is a huge anticipating atmosphere around this new upgrade in Ethereum blockchain. this new upgrade will change the Ethereum's proof of work algorithm in proof of stake algorithm. with this change, Ethereum validator on ETH blockchain will receive a reward if they stake more than 32 Ethereum in their wallet and apply for the stacking. different stacking providers like wallet, exchanges, pools they can give different reward as per their policy. 

you can join this stacking program directly also but there is some issue to integrate directly to this project like theft or loss of withdrawal keys, incorrect transfer of funds to the Eth 2 deposit contract, and not to mention hardware or internet connectivity failures which result in a loss of validator rewards. With ConsenSys Codefi, validator keys are held in a secure vault with online signing capability, and there will be multiple layers of gatekeepers validating transactions preventing unauthorized usage. We know the importance of onboarding as many validators to Ethereum 2.0, and for that reason have built a turnkey solution for enabling large exchanges and institutional crypto funds to have an always-on and dependable access point to stake the ETH they hold for their customers,” said Tim Lowe, Product Lead of Codefi Staking. 

Codefi Staking will offer direct API integration or a white-labeled UI, both providing detailed metrics and reporting whilst ensuring a minimum 99% uptime for validators confirming blocks on Ethereum 2.0. And importantly, there will be 24/7 support and a professional customer service team available. 

Codefi announcement for the trial of Ethereum 0.2 Stacking news link

JUNE 16, 2020