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South Korean Crypto Transactions Command an Average of $7 Billion per Day on Domestic Exchanges

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South Korean Crypto Transactions Command an Average of $7 Billion per Day on Domestic Exchanges

An investigation unveiled a growing fever among crypto traders in South Korea, who actively transact cryptocurrencies every day. Local media outlets are returning to adopt the term “crypto fever” as the recent billion-dollar figures confirm such a trend.

Figures Are Now Higher Than 2018


As indicated by the report made by Dong-A, a significant South Korean paper, homegrown crypto financial backers executed around $7 billion every day in the time frame going from January 1 to February 25, 2021.

Kim Byeong-wook, a parliamentary individual from the Democratic Party, gathered the numbers by extricating information from Bithumb, Upbit, Korbit, and Coinone, the most noticeable neighborhood crypto trades.

Per the investigation, 42% of the normal volume was exchanged on the KOSPI stock trade. The paper brought up that this is the first occasion when that financial backers' measurements of the four significant South Korean crypto trades see the light.

In a similar period, the investigation showed that clients of the four trades executed roughly $395 billion. A particularly number is well over the 2020 figure of $315.5 billion. Dong-A definite that South Koreans matured 20-39 are the ones who have been distributing a great many dollars as of late on crypto ventures.


Tesla and Paypal Helping to Fuel the Interest Towards Cryptos

The paper clarified the purposes for the new flood of the exchange figures in South Korea:

This investment rush began to catch fire as liquidity was backed up and global companies started to invest in cryptocurrency one after another. After Paypal, an online payment company, started making bitcoin payments, Tesla also decided to accept Bitcoin payments. Leading financial companies such as Black Rock, the world’s largest asset management company, have also announced investments in bitcoin.


Likewise, the examination cites homegrown retail financial backers' assertions on the matter. One of them, matured 29, sees digital currencies as a preferable venture opportunity over exchanging stocks.

As announced as of late, females matured 40-49 in South Korea have been effectively purchasing bitcoin (BTC) as of late. The report considers this pattern the "second blast" of cryptographic forms of money in South Korea, as females overviewed were generally moms.




MARCH 08, 2021