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Study: Top-Tier Cryptocurrency Exchanges Increased Their Market Share by 13% Since October 2020

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Study: Top-Tier Cryptocurrency Exchanges Increased Their Market Share by 13% Since October 2020

A recent study unveiled that top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges increased their market share since October 2020, in the context of lower-risk exchanges. The bitcoin bull market fueled that both retail and professional traders utilized such risk, data shows.

Stricter Regulations Boosted Transparency Levels in Crypto Exchanges

Per data from crypto market information supplier, top-level crypto trade acquired 13% piece of the overall industry from October 2020 to January 2021. Indeed, it expanded from 61% ($347 billion) to 74% ($1.41 trillion).

In any case, the examination — which covered more than 160 trades — explained the accompanying about the piece of the overall industry's extent:

Based on the most recent ranking update, the proportion of Top-Tier exchange volume in Jan 2021 would be 88% to reflect the increase in the number of Top Tier exchanges meeting the minimum threshold – 68 in July 2020 vs 76 in current update.

Cryptocompare featured that trade's guidelines "improved" as administrative prerequisites hardened to meet enemy of tax evasion (AML) consistence. Likewise, they adulated that crypto trades expanded their straightforwardness as far as information arrangement.

The exploration backs up its assertion by showing that 44% of the overviewed trades "offer the capacity to question full verifiable exchange information by means of a public API endpoint."

Improvements Seen in Security

As far as security, the crypto market information supplier brought up "less hacks" in the most recent year:

20% of exchanges state that they hold more than 95% of crypto in cold wallets (vs 15% in July 2020). 1% of exchanges have been hacked in the last year (vs 4% as of July 2020). 18% of exchanges use a third party custody provider to store user assets, up from 12% in July 2020 and 9% in our Q4 2019 Benchmark.

Assets' security was likewise another subject talked about inside the examination. As indicated by Cryptocompare, 9% of crypto trades officially offer some type of protection. Besides, 37% of the reviewed trades hold a legitimate permit to maintain the business.


FEBRUARY 19, 2021