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Take a ride of Binance whole history with Changpeng Zhao

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binance owner Changpeng Zhao was in the coinmarketcap event in Singapore last week. there he shared the stage as a speaker where he speaks on the topic of exchange and ecosystem. he mentions and shares the whole history of binance how they started the journey of binance. in the starting Changpeng Zhao was not started the building ecosystem for binance in starting. they focus on one product in starting and then they focused on that binance coin as a product than after the success of binance automatically created the ecosystem for the binance coin. he also mentions that every success story has a sad story also. so be ready for setback and you should have plan b always .they started something new for trader users and think the user is first and we should protect the users .they started the response to customers less than two hours every time so the customer can relax. they launch the BnB chain on the ecosystem and BnB coin becomes the main part of the binance ecosystem . for more information please see the video and if you like the video please share this link and subscribe our youtube channel and press the bell icon

source: youtube video link o coinmarketcap conference

NOVEMBER 18, 2019