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Venezuela giving free airdrop of petro cryptocurrency to their country's doctors and medical staff who are surviving the country against Coronavirus


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced yesterday that Venezuelan Govt. will provide free airdrop of one petro cryptocurrency to all doctors and medical staffs who are serving the nation against the pandemic COVID-19.these free airdrop Petros can be used with the help of homeland card (Carnet de la Patria). this is how Govt. showing the gesture toward the doctors who are becoming real heroes during this pandemic.

Carnet de la Patria is the Venezuelan identity document that includes a unique personalized QR code; it was created in 2016 by the Venezuelan government. The Twitter account for the Homeland card (Carnet de la Patria) announced on Wednesday:

Thanks to President Nicolas Maduro, the delivery of the special bonus for all doctors of the country has begun in the amount of 1 petro through the Carnet de la Patria.

According to the Venezuelan government’s official exchange rate, at the time of this writing, one petro can be exchanged for 0.00874729 BTC, 58.92 U.S. dollars, 4,989,701 bolivars, 54.23 euros, or 417.23 yuan.

The petroapp is used by the citizens to manage their Petros and other cryptos such as BTC, DASH and LTC. The app can be used to purchase petro, trade them, transfer to friends and family, and also use for payments of goods and services.  

This is not the first time Maduro airdrops the petro to Venezuelan citizens. Last year, he airdropped it to retirees and pensioners and claimed in January this year that almost 6 million families in the country had used the cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Venezuela giving free airdrop of petro cryptocurrency to their country's doctors and medical staffs who are surviving country against Coronavirus

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APRIL 04, 2020