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What is bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is now the most valuable and expensive currency in the world .one bitcoin today over 10000$. so now many people want to know about general people, language bitcoin is digital cash which we use to transfer funds peer to peer in all over the world over the internet in phone or desktop. bitcoin works on very simple terms. for the transaction between two-party, we don't need banks and government or any third party.bitcoin work only on trust between two-party. bitcoin is an open-source currency like the internet is open banks and govt. cant control the bitcoins transaction on blockchain can buy all kinds of good and online services with bitcoin all over the world. you can trade bitcoins also like assets on online exchanges against $.some people saying that bitcoin is the biggest revolution in mankind history after internet invention. bitcoin is work on seven main principles. fast, security, privacy, transparency, less cost, limited supply, global payment solution.

Bitcoin price history 

   Bitcoin world first time came in the world in august 2008 when someone name Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain with name no one knows who is this person Satoshi Nakamoto but people think he is a Japanese guy. first bitcoin transaction that was recorded for goods for the 10000 bitcoins for two pizzas on 10 May 2010. it becomes the most costly pizza in the world now in record.

    march 2011 bitcoin first-time touch 1$ price then soon it crossed 100$ in 2013. then it crossed 1000$ in the same year December 2013. its touch 10000$ per bitcoin price also in November 2017 then bitcoin touch its highest price touch 20000$ in January 2018. but after that bitcoin prices get dropped till to 3100$ in January 2019. now bitcoin is over 10000$. it's assumed by lots of bitcoin specialist that bitcoin price will cross 50000$ price after halving in July 2020.

  why bitcoin is most expensive currency in world 

 Bitcoin is a hot property in the world now. everyone wants to buy bitcoins and want to hold them for the long term as its prediction that bitcoin may be touch 100000$ price also. why bitcoin is going high and why is it so expensive there is a reason for this. bitcoin work on seven main principles



   5.low transaction fee supply payment solutions.

   1.Fast:- bitcoin was started in 2008 at that time we don't have so many online payment options .lots of business not have an online payment gateway facility to receive money from customer.people have to personally visit banks for any big transaction. they did create Demand draft or they did transfer with a cheque book. it was a lengthy process for clearance the payment.its took 24 hours to 48 hours to get credit money in the receiver account. beacouse  of this reason business was slow at that time. bitcoin came in 2008 with a blockchain concept. there is no third party like banks between the transaction. its took all the balance credit in receiver accounts minimum 1 second to maximum 10 was very fast than banks that moment for businesses and for people all over the world.businesses get speed 24 hours to get 10 minutes speed. so its became start popular in online merchants community. bitcoin transactions are very secure as they are peer to peer and encrypted by the algorithm so it's very hard to hack these transactions.if someone sends money to anyone it will be credit only that person bitcoin account. no one other cant change the transfer.bitcoin is backed by 256 hash algorithm so it cant be hacked by hackers of world.bitcoin is like own bank. if you have bitcoins than nobody can get the info that you are the holder of bitcoins as blockchain no need your profile is shown on the blockchain that one bitcoin wallet having this much of bitcoins but your identity will never be disclosed. .bitcoin blockchain cant hacked by the hacker as if they want to hack bitcoins they have to hacked all the bitcoins wallet from all the world at the same time that is almost impossible. if two wallets will work on blockchain bitcoin will still work on blockchain. so bitcoin now become the most secure currency in the world.

3.transparent:- bitcoins another beauty is bitcoin is that blockchain is transparent. you can check the all world bitcoins transaction on blockchain.bitcoin encrypted by algorithm so we cant check the name and owners details of bitcoins but we can see the transaction between every  bitcoins wallet of world on blockchain.banks have hidden operations of money transfers so they didn't tell and show anything about it to many time we get lost of because of this hidden transaction like some time party get the money from the bank but they denied to from receiving.some time banks stopped the payment to clear the amount. but bitcoin is transparent. so we can see that over a transaction is finished on the blockchain means our party has money with them. they can't deny on one can stop our transaction. this is one another beauty of bitcoin and blockchain

4..anonymous:-bitcoin transactions are anonymous. nobody can track your bitcoin transaction except only you. bitcoin has no identity on the blockchain. blockchain only shown as the transaction between bitcoin wallet but never shown the identity of the owner as bitcoin have no identity issue. bitcoin address is started with 26-35 alphanumeric numbers identifier that is    beginning with the number 1, 3 or bc1. like  this is one of unknown bitcoin address


so it's anonymous to all worlds. it means your money belongs to only you .bitcoin is own a bank. that means you can have access to your bank any time anywhere without informing anyone.

5.low transaction cost:- bitcoins have very low transaction fee comparing to banks, credit card, western union, Moneygram, etc. you can transfer any big amount like millions in bitcoins in only 10 cents to 10 $ fee. bitcoin is not having third party services and verifications. not having big buildings, staff, machines expenses. bitcoin has an open ledger on blockchain where miner does transaction confirmation for every transaction. miner charges a minimum amount of satoshi as a fee for confirmation. satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin. one bitcoin has 100 million satoshi in one bitcoins. so miner charges some time 1000 to 10000satoshi for transaction confirmation that is sometimes less than 10 cents. so, people, do millions of $ transfer in the minimum fee. if you choose banks and another tradition institute for fund transfer they charge 3% to 8% of the total value. so it's very cost-effective for transfer amount in all world. supply:- bitcoin have a magical thing. bitcoin is inflation-free. our banknote is  suffering by inflation effect. our bank is losing its purchasing power every decade. that's we call inflation. its happen due to the wrong govt. policy.

  any govt.come in the rule they need money. so they order their supreme bank to print the currency so govt. can get things and reserve to rule the goverment. but by this process they introduce a ton of money in our economy so money lost the credit value in terms of buying things. we get things costly with paper money as things are the same as they are but now we have more paper money from the bank in that's how our paper money losing the purchasing power from a long time due to the wrong policy of govt.

       bitcoin has a limited supply policy in its algorithm. only 210000000 will be available in the world till 2140. we cant change this supply now .bitcoin supply is very limited in world and its demand is high in world. so bitcoin becomes more and more expensive with the time as demand getting more and more high. so many experts believe after 2025 anyone has even one bitcoin that guy will be millionaires. so it is magic with bitcoin. bitcoin get more purchasing power in the future and our paper money will lose the purchasing power. we can fight with the inflation with bitcoins. payment getaway:- bitcoin is global currency.bitcoin is an open-source and running on the internet and the internet is working all over the world so you can use the bitcoin anywhere in the world where bitcoin is legal. you can withdraw cash against the dollar in lots of Bitcoin ATMs in the world. bitcoin is accepted by lots of online merchants where you can book hotels, flights, can buy property, luxury cars anything is the world you want you can buy with the bitcoins and you no need to change your bitcoins with local currency. its safe your lots of money in the name of currency exchange. bitcoin gives you real freedom and a feel of globalization.

these are some good points to understand the value and cost of bitcoins as a beginner for you .

     its seem that bitcoin and blockchain will change the financial industry soon. so you need to know  and work in bitcoin and blockchain industry now as this is the best time to work in this is changing rapidly, if you do not come on this bitcoin ride you will feel sorry in future.

conclusion:- everything has two parts of the aspect one is good and one is bad. bitcoin also has lots of good reason but it also has some bad reason. lots of criminals now using bitcoins in money laundering and drug trafficking in the dark world. lots of scammer doing scam on the name of bitcoin investment from poor people.bitcoin is using by terrorist activity these are some bad things also happing in the world with bitcoin. but as a positive person, I like to use the positive aspect of this technology for the wellness of humankind and society we can provide banking to so many people in the world those who don't have documents. we can fight with the corruption and currency conflict issue. we can provide lots of jobs to young people and we can save lots of govt. money by implementing the blockchain technology in every industry . we can create a policy to stop the criminal use of bitcoins. so in my view, this is a good investment and life-changing opportunity. anything you want to know more about bitcoins you can signup and login to and can read more in our blog and crypto news segement. my English is not good so please forgive me if i did grammar mistakes. thanks, everyone for reading

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2019