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Youtube told in Court that they are not responsible for any crypto scam

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Lots of crypto scammers now using social media platforms for the scamming the people. youtube is becoming one of the main sources for the scammers. they put paid ads on youtube and ask people to send money in fake crypto giveaways .

Last time in April 2020 Ripple sue youtube for these scams and blame youtube that the are earning with this fake advertisements so they are responsible for the loss of people money and the value of ripple.


Today Youtube,s advocate reply in the court that they are not responsible for any loss of people and Ripple (XRP) . according to a July 21 update on Law360, lawyers for the video-sharing platform argued in a dismissal bid that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — which generally protects platform publishers from liability over the information provided by third parties — applied to the case. 

YouTube’s legal team argued that its “unwitting verification” of scam channels does not change the fact the content was created by third parties — not the video-sharing platform itself. Lawyers for the site claim that because Ripple is not alleging YouTube “solicited, encouraged, or participated in the third-party fraudsters' scam,” the platform has no liability. 

Ripple is not the only crypto that is facing scam thread with youtube ads . last time these scammers played ads on youtube on the name of Elon Musk billionaire businessmen and Tesla car owners. they ask people to send the bitcoin on a particular address and people will get back the double bitcoins. with these youtube ads scammers scams above 20 bitcoins from people.

Youtube is strict on the crypto influences and stopping them to not promote the cryptocurrency their as its violations of the youtube policies but youtube is open and accepting crypto scams paid ads that is showing its double standard toward the cryptocurrency and bitcoins. youtube should create a policy and try its best to stop these paid crypto scams ads. 

JULY 21, 2020