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crypto mining will be not gone away from China. it will be legal soon

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The updates on digital money mining will be kept alive in China comes after President Xi Jinping declared that the country will "take the main situation in the rising field of blockchain."




One of the most noteworthy positioning financial arranging associations under China's State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), uncovered not long ago the most as of late refreshed and the last form of the "Mechanical Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog."

s per CCN, at last arrangement, the commission evacuated "virtual money mining, for example, the creation procedure of bitcoin" from the class it had at first said to wipe out before in the year in April.


“During that time, the Commission had released a draft proposal pressuring local governments throughout China to eradicate cryptocurrency mining. The move was seen as a sign that the Chinese government was planning to ban cryptocurrency mining. But, after several months of public consultation and revising 2,500 suggestions on various issues, the agency put an end to that idea.”

China wants to be an emerging player in the bitcoin and the blockchain industry. they are doing 70% of bitcoin mining at this point . biggest mining pool on bitcoin blockchain running from they are creating now crypto-friendly rules and law to attract new investments from the blockchain industry and mining revenue will be more and more big for them

source: CNN NEWS

NOVEMBER 06, 2019