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how to invest in bitcoin

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bitcoin is now a very well known cryptocurrency and probably now most famous cryptocurrency in the world. anyone who wants to know more about bitcoin can go on our previous blog and can read in more detail about bitcoin. now people know what is bitcoin but it will not help them to only know what is bitcoin and what is bitcoin value. if people will use the bitcoin then it will help them like knowing early morning wit barefoot walking on the grass is very good for the health but it is not working only knowing this information in your health improved. you should wake up early in the morning and walk on grass bare foot than it will be helpful to you. same way bitcoin information will not give you benefits if you will use the bitcoin then it will give you benefits. for using the bitcoin you should know how to invest in bitcoins.bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency and useable all over the world. so there are lots of ways to invest globally in the world at this time. if you are one of the bitcoin lovers and crypto enthusiastic and want to invest in bitcoin than I am explaining to you some most popular way to invest in bitcoins in the world at this time. these are some of very famous way to invest in bitcoin

  1. crypto exchange (Fiat to crypto)

  2. crypto exchange (crypto to crypto))

  3. buy bitcoins with digital currencies (PayPal, liberty reserve, STP)

  4. peer to peer exchange (local bitcoins,wazirx)

  5. buy crypto with credit cards/debit cards

  6. buy bitcoins with future contract

  7. peer to peer personal cash deal

  8. buy bitcoins with BTC atm

  9. buy bitcoins from 7eleven

  1. crypto exchange (Fiat to crypto): the best and very famous way to invest in bitcoins is you can buy bitcoins from famous crypto exchanges from anywhere in the world. most famous crypto to Fiat exchanges are








  you can buy bitcoins from other cryptocurrencies here with your bank account or credit cards. you have to first create your account on these exchanges and then verify your account with KYC documents. then you have to put your bank details or maybe your credit and debit card details when you are buying bitcoins here. after some time when your money will credit in the exchange account, they will transfer your bitcoins in your exchange account. they can take time 10 minutes to 24 hours it depends on exchange to exchange.



  2. crypto exchange (crypto to crypto): another way to invest in bitcoin is you can get bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies.some of famous crypto exchanges are 





  you have to create first your account on these exchanges and then have to verify your account here than you can trade other cryptocurrencies like ripple,ethereum,litecoin with bitcoins. you have to sale your other cryptocurrency in your account and than bitcoins will come in your accounts against your cryptocurrencies.than you can withdraw these bitcoins in your personal bitcoin account.

   bitcoins with other digital currency(perfect money ,advcash, etc.): you can buy bitcoins with other digital currencies like

   (A).perfect moeny,


   (C).solid trust pay (STP) etc.

  you can check on different digital currencies websites they have bitcoin sell and buy options. if you have any of the famous and good digital currency you can buy bitcoins with them with small extra fees.

4.peer to peer exchange(wazirx and you can buy bitcoins from peer to peer 

  exchanges like 



  these are the exchange where bitcoin holders and sellers selling bitcoins online in their countries and cities. you can register your account on these websites and follow the process to get the bitcoins from seller

  (I) . Register an account with LocalBitcoins, wazirx

  (II) . Search for seller advertisements. 

  (III). Go to the main page and in the search box then fill the form with the amount you want to buy in your currency, your location and choose a payment method. ...

  (IV) . Select an advertisement. ...

  (V) . Pay the seller. ...

  (VI) . Mark's payment complete.



  5. buy crypto with credit cards/debit cards: there are so many websites now that are offering now bitcoins purchases with debit card/ credit cards like 







   you have to create first your account on these exchanges and then have to verify your account then go to the "Cards" area and include your cards. It might take 2-3 days for card confirmation, however, once it's checked, you can utilize it to right away buy bitcoins.

   bitcoins with future trade contract: this is a very new way to buy bitcoins.BAKKT is a new exchange where you can buy bitcoins future. A futures contract is a contract to buy or sell bitcoins at a future date at an agreed-upon price .this is a very new way to buy bitcoins. i will post a whole new blog on this soon.

7. peer to peer personal cash deal: you can buy bitcoins from your friends and near and dear in peer to peer cash deal. lots of people in this world still not have access to the bank accounts and lots of people don't have trust on online websites. they like to buy bitcoins from their friends and from known sources. they meet them personally and give them money cash money and take bitcoins personally. we call this peer to peer cash deal.

   bitcoins with BTC atm: this an also a very famous way to buy bitcoins . in lots of countries have bitcoins atm now. people can go there and can deposit the cash and buy bitcoins from that atm against their cash. 6000 ATMs now installed in whole over the world.and more and more bitcoins atm will install soon too.its a very safe and secure way to buy bitcoins

   bitcoins from 7eleven: in some parts of the world you can buy bitcoins from a retail store 7eleven. if you are in the Philippines you can go to any 7eleven store and can buy bitcoins with cash or with debit and credit cards up to 1500$.any common men can buy bitcoins from these stores. it's a very safe and secure way to buy bitcoins


  these are some famous and secure ways to invest in bitcoins. but you are if you are a new user of cryptocurrency then be careful and be alert when you are buying or investing in bitcoins as bitcoin investment is a matter of risks. its online investment and also decentralize investment so be more consistence when buying bitcoins from these platforms



  anything you want to know more about bitcoins and the cryptocurrency you can read more in our blog and crypto news segment. my English is not good so please forgive me if I did grammar mistakes. thanks, everyone for reading

   Ashish Kumar +918700544717

NOVEMBER 22, 2019