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no need sim card in phones now. here is encrypted sim or virtual sim with blockchain signal

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blockchain technology is changing many aspects of our life and current technologies. now time to develop an encrypted sim card of mobile phone.


telecommunication giant Verizon last week did a patent with USA patent and trademark office for his new invention virtual Sim card which called Vsim. Vsim is a virtual sim card that is working on the blockchain with encrypted codes. with this technology, physical sim card will be turned in a virtual sim card.


Vsim will be connected to a person or owner's accounts and then they connect the Vsim to his device. device will send the signal or codes to blockchain and then the blockchain system will give access to device. this virtual account you can have access to as many devices you want . virtual sim will give a more strong network and signal to device and also more security to mobile data as all information will be encrypted.


this is how blockchain is changing our lives in a good way. we can minimize the plastic uses with this Virtual sim card use

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019