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wish you a very happy birthday bitcoin. 11 year ago this journey started

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today on 31 October 2008  satoshi Nakamoto published bitcoin first whitepaper. so its bitcoin 11th birthday. from its born to nowadays bitcoin change a lot in terms of use and trade. let go to a flashback of this beautiful journey year by year

2008-> 0n October 31, 2008, story begun with the bitcoin whitepaper published by anonymous person n that name is Satoshi Nakamoto. he mentioned bitcoin as a peer to peer electronic cash system that no trusted third party.

2009->2009 denoted the arrival of Bitcoin. In January, its code was discharged as open-source programming, and the beginning square—Bitcoin's first square—was mined. Nakamoto mined the initial 50 bitcoins, however, they were good for nothing at the time. Half a month later, Nakamoto sent Hal Finney the first Bitcoin

2010->2009 denoted the arrival of Bitcoin. In January, its code was discharged as open-source programming, and the beginning square—Bitcoin's first square—was mined. Nakamoto mined the initial 50 bitcoins, however, they were good for nothing at the time. Half a month later, Nakamoto sent Hal Finney the first BitcoinBitcoin imparted its 2010 birthday to Instagram; the photograph sharing application propelled on October 6. In 2010, Bitcoin was worth around $0.20 and hit highs of $0.39 during the year. Nakamoto, who had mined around one million Bitcoins at the time, disregarded the keys for Bitcoin's code archive to Gavin Andresen. 2010 additionally stamped Bitcoin Pizza Day: on May 22, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas from Papa John's. At current costs, that is over $90 million. A long-time later, Hanyecz was energetic about his multimillion-dollar buy, telling the New York Times that, "It wasn't care for Bitcoins had any an incentive in those days, so exchanging them for a pizza was staggeringly cool [...] No one realized it would get so huge."

2011->Bitcoin took off in 2011—and it didn't take long for the bootleg market to observe its alleged obscurity, with Silk Road, the dull net market which exchanged Bitcoin for weapons, drugs, and another unlawful stash, opening for business..

2011 was additionally Bitcoin's first bubble: Bitcoin soar in value, ascending to $31.50 on June 8, however by Bitcoin's third birthday celebration, its value sunk to $3.12; an early indication of the unpredictability that keeps on influencing the digital currency right up 'til the present time. Bitcoin was additionally met with rivalry on its third birthday celebration: Litecoin, the "silver to Bitcoin's gold," propelled in October 2011.

2012->Bitcoin's value kept on developing consistently: by October, it arrived at highs of $12.4. Its cost, which arrived at the midpoint of $5.27, was a 1,656 percent expansion from 2011.In September, the Bitcoin Foundation was begun, headed by Gavin Andresen, Jon Matonis, Patrick Murck, Charlie Schrem, and Peter Vessenes. BitPay, the Bitcoin installments administration, reported that 1,000 shippers began tolerating installments through Bitcoin.

2013->In February 2013, Coinbase revealed offers of over $1 million, and in March, Bitcoin's market capitalization outperformed $1 billion. Silk Road, which opened in 2011, was seized by the FBI in October, alongside 26,000 Bitcoin; its originator, Ross Ulbricht, is presently serving a twofold life sentence without the chance for further appeal. Examiners said that, from 2011-2013, merchants on Ulbricht's site made over $214 million. By its third birthday celebration, Bitcoin's market top had outperformed $2 billion and the cost for a solitary Bitcoin was over $200.

2014->By Bitcoin's 6th birthday celebration, it's market top is over $4 billion, the cost of a solitary Bitcoin is $329, and its every day volume is over $13 million. Be that as it may, not everything is great in Bitcoin world: back in February, the digital currency trade, Mt. Gox quit tolerating withdrawals after 744,000 Bitcoins disappeared; around $473 million, or 6 percent of the Bitcoin supply. Around 200,000 of those Bitcoins have been recuperated, however, the rest is no more.

2015->Before the finish of October 2015, Bitcoin's market top was $4.6 billion, and the cost of a solitary Bitcoin was $312. Despite the fact that the cost and market top stagnated, Bitcoin's day by day volume soars to $52 million

2016->In 2016, the cost of Bitcoin starts to develop. On its whitepaper's birthday, its 24-hour volume hit $93 million, its market top $11 billion, and the cost of a solitary Bitcoin, $703. A lot progressively prominent organizations start tolerating Bitcoin, including Valve's Steam computer games store and ride-sharing assistance Uber.

2017->2017 introduced another US President in Donald Trump, however, for digital money holders, it was the time of the Bitcoin bubble. On the birthday of the Bitcoin whitepaper, one Bitcoin was worth $6,131, and its market top was over $100 billion—a figure that some credit to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's posting of Bitcoin fates contracts, which made it far simpler for the world to wager on Bitcoin. CME exchanged $460 million in its first week. This cost was to skyrocket to over $20,000 in December. On December 7, nearly $50 billion worth of Bitcoin was exchanged.

2018->In 2018, everything came slamming down. The market, in view of on theory, flipped, and Bitcoin tumbled to $6,538 in February. The digital money waded through an extreme year: on the tenth commemoration of its whitepaper, the cost of Bitcoin was $6,325. While its market top stayed solid, at $109 billion, the crypto crash provoked a reaction from standard distributions and web-based life. Twitter, Facebook, and Google properly prohibited ads for digital currencies, including Bitcoin. Google and Facebook have since lifted the boycott, with Facebook betting everything on crypto as it attempts to get its very own computerized money, Libra, off the ground.

2019->In 2019, the market returned hurrying, after further value drops in 2018. Bitcoin began the year at $3,764, and its value soars to $13,796 in July. From that point forward, its cost has come and gone, yet held generally solid, most as of late helped by the news that China's President Xi Jinping has lauded the excellencies of its fundamental innovation, blockchain. On its eleventh birthday celebration, Bitcoin costs around $10,000, and its market top is around $165 million. More than 820,000 locations have exchanged bitcoin, and the system is associated with more than 55,000 hubs. 

OCTOBER 30, 2019