Bitcoin$ 28,918.45
Ethereum$ 739.10
XRP$ 0.2138
Litecoin$ 126.01
Bitcoin Cash$ 351.49
EOS$ 2.584
Binance Coin$ 37.40
Bitcoin SV$ 162.68
Stellar$ 0.1269
TRON$ 0.02654

what is crypto staking

Crypto staking is the new updated version of the crypto mining. in this process coin holders will get the mining coin rewards for giving the support to the transaction network and confirmation to all the transactions. this rewards will come till the time that you have coins in your wallet.people will create passive income in this process and also get some power and voting rights in the network. staking in helpful in reducing the fee in the transactions network as staking is done by the phone or laptop. this is becoming very famous these days. ethereum also started the staking in its network in December 2020.

What is Eventica (EVN) Staking Program

Eventica (EVN)staking platform offering to their all Eventica (EVN) users and investors which stake their eventica coins (EVN) on our eventica platform will earn 1% coin rewards per day for the 365 days. This is the first time in the crypto history that anyone offering such big rewards to their users. for this, you have to stake minimum 1000 eventica coins on your mobile and laptop on the eventica coin application or website. Another big thing is that you can sale your coin rewards per day also after getting the rewards. this reward will come to you every days, months, year till that you have your coin in the staking programme in your wallet. Eventica coin rewards will be cut down every year 50%. this time will be started on 21 July 2020. your reward will be cut 50% on 22 July 2022. this will cut every year 50% till we fix the reward 36% yearly. it will take 5 years. for the next 5 years, you can earn lucrative staking rewards everyday. another big reason to start staking evenitca coins is that your eventica coins increasing every day as per staking reward, this will increase your total eventica coins and due to staking more supply is holding in staking your eventica coin price will also grow in future. your holding coins that are in wallet always remain yours.

How to Stake Eventica (EVN) Coins

  1. Buy the Eventica coins from eventica crypto exchange or from your near and dear who already users in eventica network
  2. Stake your eventica coins on google and apple eventica application for the next 365 days. whatever amount you want to stake that should be more than 1000 coins amount.
  3. Now you can enjoy the eventica staking rewards 1% per day

Reason to invest in Eventica coin rather than other Staking Programmes

  1. We are offering one of the biggest staking reward programmes in the industry. like ledger is offering 12% annual rewards, is offering 20% per day staking reward and so many other staking programmes is also there but no one is offering 365% yearly reward that eventica coin is offering. that is huge
  2. We have one of the most secure blockchains like ethereum and binance etc that have the best security to keep safe your coins in staking wallet.
  3. We have own private blockchain that is having staking programme so we have no transaction fee at this moment in our network. if you use ethereum or bitcoin you have to pay 1$ to 50$ fee as transaction fee. but here we have no charge. it's free on our blockchain.
  4. Staking the coins on our blockchain is very easy. you just need to download an application and hold the coins in staking reward programme and just enjoy the staking benefits. no need any kind of technical information.
  5. Cryptocurrency is still in an early stage. not event 2% of the world population is using the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. so you are in the right industry. blockchain will replace banking soon. so you are in the right industry and at the right time
  6. Evenitca prices at this time very low even below 1$.bitcoin is now more than 40000$ after the 10 years of its starting the bitcoin blockchain. Ethereum is also now more than 1500$ value after the 5years of starting the ethereum blockchain. so eventica can also have such a huge gain in price after the 3 to 6 years